SkyVision is a series of tasteful skylight windows designed to provide maximum light drop in the home. The timeless and beautiful windows are designed in clean lines and prepared so the heat loss of SkyVision windows is minimal.

If the choice has fallen on a skylight, you can get more types of slanted solutions, from an electric tilting window to a solar powered skylight window and skylight windows for conservative buildings.

Vitral delivers a wide range of skylight products for both flat and sloping roofs. And you can always contact Vitral for further guidance on the type of skylight and roof window that is right for you and your roof.

About skylights

At Vitral, they sell the beautiful SkyVision skylights that, in addition to being sound-reducing, are also available in 5 variants. No matter what SkyVision window you choose, it’s tailored to suit your needs and wishes, giving you a truly unique and timeless design.

Each of the 5 SkyVision windows has special features for your particular needs.

SkyVision Fixed skylights are a fixed variant, applicable where a light incident is required. Just a single window can make an incredible difference.

SkyVision Comfort skylights are used in case of light ventilation. An elegant solution that ensures a good indoor climate at the same time.

SkyVision Ecoline skylights have the best insulation capability in the program. With 3 layers of glass it is a strong solution for those who weigh the sustainability highest.

SkyLine Walk-On skylights are designed for where there are pedestrians. The glass is 52 mm specially made glass and can carry a weight of 500 kg per. m2.

SkyLine Circular skylights are a round top cover with gaskets that give a nice light drop and a different look.

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